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Meet The School's Governors

Governing Excellence To pass on educational expertise from one of Britain’s most prestigious schools,

Rugby School Thailand’s Board of Governors is comprised of a team of professionals from both the education

industry and the private sector. Alongside members of the Rugby School UK board sit local luminaries from

the domains of government, business, medicine and law. Each governor brings knowledge, experience, determination

and vision, and is ready to administer the new school’s educational affairs with quality and a focus on developing exceptional

students, supported by a genuine learning environment and atmosphere. The chairman of the 20-member board is Dr. Surin

Pitsuwan, Former Secretary General of ASEAN. Dr. Surin recently shared his thoughts on Thailand’s learning landscape

and global pedagogical theories in an opinion piece in the Bangkok Post. His article, “Education itself must learn some lessons,”

mentioned what he called “21st Century Skills.” Dr. Surin’s article explored the need for education to teach the students

to be self-motivated, analytical, independent thinking and problem solving. These skills, he stated, are in evidence in the excellent

curriculums and pedagogy in the top international schools, and endorsed and recognised by the very best tertiary educational

institutions around the world. Dr. Surin explained that the acquisition of these skills is essential “for change and transformation

coming with quickening pace for all areas of [the student’s] life in the future.” It is here that Dr. Surin’s philosophy of a student’s

advancement intersects with the Rugby School’s ethos of the importance of character development on “the whole person.

” As Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Surin will ensure that Rugby School Thailand’s approach best equips students

to uphold the Rugby School traditions of excellence, both in academic performance and character.

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